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Bitclub is a community of entrepreneurs from all over the world who have merged to make money and leverage digital currencies, including bitcoins. Together the network uses it purchasing strength, leverage and programming abilities to offer its member a legit opportunity to making money by sharing profits and investing in the companies mining operation. Bitclub has developed a unique software that allows them to mine for multiple digital currencies and convert them into bit coin currency everyday. New currencies are being mined everyday all day, 24/7, depending on which is the most profitable to mined at the time. All profits from the mining operations are shared and pay out daily to bitclub members. Previously, we talked about Ethereum Mining also derived from the Bitclub Network. In the same fashion, Bitclub Network also provides its members, the capacity to mine Bitcoin. The difficulty level in algortihmic mining is higher with Bitcoin in comparison to Ethereum, but through time is still very lucrative and powerful, especially when the power of compunding interest can be utilized the same as BitConnect and USI Tech. Don't get me wrong, although I am extremely bullish favoring BitConnect & USI Tech as my Number #1's, the Bitclub Network is a great platform at the $3500 Founder's Package Level. I do plan on filling (even more) the BITCLUB NETWORK CUP with profits deriving indeed from the 1% Daily Profits collected from the BitConnect Platform. It's simply a Win-Win situation when you break it down completely.


After you view the videos below CLICK HERE to view other TUTORIAL Videos in how you (too) can be a part of the Bitcoin Mining Revolution! 




GPU Mining/Ethereum Mining through the Bitclub Network averages about 2.5 Ethereum produced per month. According to (as of 10/28/2017), Ethereum values at $305.95. So with that said, the amount of profit that you will be generating is around $750 per month. Each GPU Mining Pool costs $1000 each. The acquirement of (5) GPU Mining Pools will automatically upgrade you as a FOUNDER within the higher and prestigious ranks of the Bitclub Network. According to the experts, Ethereum is expected to increase in value after the Bitcoin Segwit2x Fork scheduled for November 18th, 2017 - from November 2017 to April 2018. This fork will produce a split whereby, not only will there be another Bitcoin cryptocurrency that will be birthed into existence, but there will also be another Bitcoin Blockchain that will be created for use. What makes this significant, is that Coinbase highly supports the production of this particular cryptocurrency, which will contribute highly upon the adopted higher anticipated value and price-point of this new cryptocurrency. NOTE: in order to become involved with this option, you must start a VPN Service for security purposes. One of the most common VPN Services utilized within the industry is IPVanish. The Fee for service for a monthly subscription of IP Vanish is around $7.00. CLICK HERE to open your account with IPVanish. Additionally, the Bitclub Network requires a one-time Fee of $99 to get in. CLICK the "Join" Button below to start or call Real Revolution radio 2.0 to start you up at (844) 414-REAL (7325) Today! CLICK HERE to view more videos about GPU Mining Today!




1. Open your account with a VPN Service like IP Vanish. CLICK HERE - This is the only way you will have access to the Network for United States Citizens. If you live outside of the U.S then you are perfectly OK.  


2. Then CLICK the "Join Button below to join the Bitclub Network. Just Remember, there is a one-time $99 Life-Time Fee. And the cost for one GPU Mining Pool to begin Ethereum Mining is $1000. Once more, payment can only be made through Bitcoin. You can make payment through your Coinbase Wallet

3. Then, if you should so desire, listen to my inspiring interview on the Quantum Mindfulness Radio Podcast with Film-maker Korey Rowe, Producer of the eye-opening "911 Truth" documentary LOOSE CHANGE 911: AN AMERICAN COUP, as we talk about Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolution. CLICK HERE to listen

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