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1. Do your own Market Research. Thoroughly understand the Crypto-Market Space in all aspects of the name before diving deep into the many ways in how you (too) can take advantage of this space.

2. Research the Track Record of the People you follow into this Space.

3. Understand the Dynamics of Seed Money Versus House Money Philosophy. Always try to maintain a higher ratio between the two where the amount of House Money or Total Profits acquired exceeds the initial investments or Seed Money placed.

4. Do not spend more than you are willing to lose.

5. Do not invest any dollar amount into this space that is considered to be a required and necessary monthly or weekly expenditure. 

6. You (yourself) are solely accountable for the decisions you make in realizing that the Cryptocurrency Space is HIGH RISK. Always remember that.


7. Always extract your Seed Money first in attempting to reach your ROI (Return of Investments) before fully engaging into any creative Crypto-Creative Bitcoin-Building Program. This decreases risk in the long run.

8. Diversify your portfolio between Alt-Coin Trading, Blockchain Stocks, variable Bitcoin-Lending Programs, Crypto-Mining, and other creative platforms in order to further reduce the risk.

9. Always understand that none of the creative platforms that are introduced into the space are guaranteed. There is always continual risk. 

10. Understand that the Cryptocurrency space does not promote the mentality of what "Get-Rich Schemes" entail. Although there are many lucrative platforms within the space which do provide historical and complete track records supporting what is considered to be High-Risk to High-Reward, always understand the very dynamics of what you are getting into. Be accountable for every decision you make. Once more, educate yourself as much as you can to TOTAL COMPLETENESS. 

11. And once again, always practice complete and thorough Cyber-Security Tactics to prevent your accounts from being hacked. Change your passwords frequently. Diversify your passwords from one platform to the next. Always utilize Two-Factor Authentication. Increase the security level of your Cellular Phone Coverage. DO NOT include your cell phone number when registering any of your information into any Google platform. DO NOT allow for Google to automatically remember your passwords required for entering any of your Crypto-Creative Wealth-Building sites. Always keep an updated track record of your passwords on paper. Do not record them in any email or in any other digital format. And always store your vital Cryptocurrencies in any valid and trust-worthy "cold storage" unit. This also further decreases the risk within the Cryptocurrency Space.

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