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Always practice complete and thorough Cyber-Security Tactics to prevent your accounts from being hacked.

1. Change your passwords frequently. 

2. Diversify your passwords from one platform to the next. 

3. Always utilize Two-Factor Authentication. 

4. Increase the security level of your Cellular Phone Coverage. 

5. DO NOT include your cell phone number when registering any of your information into any Google platform. 

6. DO NOT allow for Google to automatically remember your passwords required for entering any of your Crypto-Creative Wealth-Building sites. 

7. Always keep an updated track record of your passwords on paper. 

8. Do not record them in any email or in any other digital format. 

9. Always store your vital Cryptocurrencies in any valid and trust-worthy "cold storage" unit. This also further decreases the risk within the Cryptocurrency Space.


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