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WHAT IS CRYPTO-currency?

A cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies, such as the USD (US Dollar) and the Chinese Yuan, but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Cryptography is used to secure the transactions, the blockchain for future sustainability and growth, and to control the creation of new coins. We will talk about this blockchain later. The first cryptocurrency created was Bitcoin back between 2008-2009 during the Housing and Global Financial Crisis when the Central Banks were Bailed Out. This was and still has been a huge controversy. 

And, yes, this unforeseeable BAILOUT of the Central Banks was one of the biggest criminal acts of all time. This happened right before our very own eyes. But let me digress. Let's move on. Before we do so, let me mention the fact that Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology and the amazing phenomenon of BITCOIN were literally and essentially birthed at a time when we needed it the most. The timing of this was, not only fortunate, but it was also very well-orchestrated. 


Furthermore, today going back to the topic, there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies, often referred to as ALT-COINS. Unlike centralized banking (like The Federal Reserve System) where governments control the value of a currency (like the US Dollar) through the process of printing fiat money, governments have no control over cryptocurrencies as they are mostly Decentralized, especially so with Bitcoin. And, yes, we will talk about Bitcoin soon. But we have to break it down to basics first.  

Most cryptocurrencies are designed to decrease in production over time (just like Bitcoin) which creates a market cap on them. This is different from fiat currencies where financial institutions can always create more, hence what is referred to as hyper-inflation. Bitcoin will never have more than 21 million coins in circulation. This is its blueprint. The algorithm for Bitcoin was designed specifically by Satoshi Nakamoto (as they say). Although there is considerable debate about this. Rather, some think that this technological phenomen was created by a team. Personally, this is my belief. But this is neither here nor there.  

While hundreds of different cryptocurrency specifications exist, most are derived from one of two protocols; Proof-of-work or Proof-of-stake. All cryptocurrencies are maintained by a community of cryptocurrency miners who are members of the general public whom have set up their own computers or ASIC machines to participate in the validation and processing of transactions. And when I say miners, we are essentially talking about the creators and the sustainers of the network, called the BLOCKCHAIN. The Blockchain is truly the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE MIND of the whole operation. This Blockchain Technology is essentially the main reason why outside entities (such as Governments and Central Banks and Hackers) cannot infiltrate the system and destroy it internally with success. Such an operation to hack into this Central Intelligence Blockchain would require Billions and Billions of Dollars to do so. And such an operation would need to be orchestrated within seconds. You see, this Blockchain consists of several thousand servers which are all aware of each other. If there is any indication that any of these servers are being infiltrated, that portion of the Blockchain is walled off. As a result, all the members of the Blockchain are made aware. This is true transparency within the name. If this has intrigued you to a certain degree, well, the next section will explain in detail what the Blockchain is really and truly all about.
















& A.I.














WHAT IS bitcoin


The first cryptocurrency, ever-produced, is Bitcoin. It is Digital Money. In the future, it may be treated as a commodity, but in the meantime, isn't it nice to know that we can use it as currency? And It was presented to the world as an open-source technology that has proven to be the Game-Changer. Bitcoin was created in 2009, once more, by a pseudonymous developer named Satoshi Nakamoto, supposedly. Honestly, in my opinion, it was developed by a TEAM. Regardless, Bitcoin uses SHA-256, which is a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the U.S National Security Agency. Bitcoin is a secure cryptocurrency based upon on the proof-of-work system which operates off of a decentralized public ledger, or Blockchain, which makes it impossible for any entity to hack or manipulate.  

Bitcoin can be used to buy merchandise anonymously. In addition, international payments are easy and cheap because bitcoins are not tied to any country nor subject to regulation. Small businesses may like them because there are no credit card fees. Some people just buy bitcoins as an investment, hoping that they’ll go up in value. And this is perfectly fine as Bitcoin's pricepoint continues to skyrocket. But others are using Bitcoin with other lucrative platforms which only works off of the continuing and rising growth of Bitcoin Popularity. Currently, Bitcoin is not mainstream yet. But when it does, expect the price of Bitcoin and anything affiliated with Bitcoin in structure and in blueprint to skyrocket as well. As a hint, I will say this: Anything that essentially "Bit-Connects" with Bitcoin will also rise in value in a mirror like fashion. I know that I might sound cryptic here, but the charts also may mimic the same behavior of this particular cryptocurrency that I speak of, similar to Bitcoin. If interested, well, give us trailblazers at Real Revolution Radio a call today to LEARN MORE at (844) 414-REAL (7325). Let's continue on guys!


CLICK HERE to view the Bitcoin White Paper. 

You Can Buy Bitcoin on any Exchange

Several marketplaces called Bitcoin Exchanges allow people to buy or sell Bitcoin using different currencies, like Cryptopia, BitQuick, CoinCorner & HitBTC. To keep it simple, the most common entry level cryptocurrenncy exchange is COINBASE - Be also cognizant that there are some incremental fees involved with Coinbase when Bitcoin is transferred in and out of your Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet. This is also the case when Ethereum or Litecoin are exchanged for Bitcoin within the process of doing so when you deal with other Alt-Coins within the cryptocurrency marketplace. REMEMBER: Treat Coinbase as an independent Bank. It is not FDIC Regulated. But for starters, it is an excellent way in how you can be involved within the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Space. 

Bitcoin and Peer-to-Peer Transfers: How Important is That?

People can send Bitcoin to each other using mobile apps or by simply sending Bitcoin through their computers. It’s similar to sending cash digitally. It is also similar to sending money to each other's checking accounts digitally from one checking account to another. Additionally, it also parallels the way in how we can digitally transfer money from our main checking account to our savings account under the same account. At its simplest, If I held a Coinbase Account and you also held a Coinbase Account, we can transfer money to each other by providing each other our Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet Addresses. Once more, the transfer of Bitcoin is merely transferring the actual bitcoin amount (itself) from one bitcoin wallet address to another. In real-world terms, transferring Bitcoin to each other is like transferring money to each other from one checking account to another. THAT'S IT! As mentioned above, remember that there are fees involved. Do not be surprised. That's part of the game. If you want to be a part of this movement, essentially, you got to pay to play. You got to be real about this.

Bitcoin and the Importance of its LIMITING SUPPLY!

In terms of simple Marketing Economics, Bitcoin operates truly off of the Principles of Marketing Universal Law: Supply and Demand. When anything possesses limiting supply, but also a growing and enthusiastic demand for that commodity or asset, what happens to its price? ANSWER: the price increases. And as the demand for it increases with growing intensity and strength, the price mimics that higher level of growth as well. As far as how the algorithm for Bitcoin was created by its creator or creators goes (per say), the production of Bitcoin sloughs in half every 3-4 years. 

In 2009 (when Bitcoin was birthed into existence) fifty Bitcoin were produced for every block within the blockchain times 210,000 blocks. This production process often takes just a little bit less than 4 years in length to accrue. In 2013, the amount of Bitcoin produced per block was 25. And in the now (10/28/2017), the amount of Bitcoin being produced per Block is 12.5. The next highly anticipated shift will happen in 2020 where it will be 6.25. for those who further research the subject matter of Bitcoin will often hear much chatter about the Year 2020. Well, this is the main reason why. Supply will decrease drastically and demand will increase dramatically. This will induce a pulse-wave into the marketplace which will allow Bitcoin to peak! And Bitcoin hasn't even achieved Mainstream Status yet. What happens when it does goes mainstream? Can you say PARABOLIC GROWTH? 

CLICK HERE to view the Bitcoin Timeline of important dates which clarifies and explains how the importance of an increasing limiting supply of Bitcoin will encourage future increases for Bitcoin price as we draw closer to the highly-anticipated date of 2020. 

Mining Bitcoin: The Real Game Changer!

As far as how experts (of course) who are well-versed within the World of Bitcoin are concerned, they will often tell you this: Bitcoin is provided or rewarded to each user or Bitcoin Miner when their mining equipment and software compete with others to solve complex mathematical puzzles. And these so-called mathematical puzzles are essentially the individual coded fingerprints which characterize each Bitcoin, onced produced. What makes Bitcoin so much different from regular fiat currency is that each Bitcoin cannot be duplicated. My Bitcoin is entirely different from yours in algortithmic structure. So, essentially, Bitcoin cannot be counterfeited. But in a different and in a much simpler perspective, MINING BITCOIN truly means CREATING BITCOIN, which also means creating Real Money with Real Value with a limited Supply. And when there is a limited supply of Bitcoin with ever-growing popularity and demand for cryptocurrency (as we start to understand Bitcoin more) the value and price-point of Bitcoin will also increase. This is the reason why Bitcoin grew in price parabolically from $600 in 2016 to $6000 in 2017. And this is the main reason why Bitcoin could reach the highly-anticipated price-point between $13,800 and $15,000 by April 2018. Of course, this is speculation but just from a simple analysis of the past year, does this seem to be too far fetched to be a realty? 


Yes, We (The People) can empower ourselves outright by (not only possessing MONEY) but in also possessing the capacity NOW to create Real and Truly Authentic MONEY ourselves where we can thrive as a community - Money that cannot be duplicated and printed out of thin air where the price of that money decreases in value with every printing spree initiated by the central banks.     


Truly, people can now be their own banks through the Bitcoin and Alt-Coin Mining Process. 

Owning Bitcoin: Where to Store Your Cryptocurrency

Bitcoins are stored in a “digital wallet” (as previously mentioned) which exists either in the cloud or on a user’s computer. They can also be kept in an electric and independent cold storage device like a LEDGER NANO S or in other cold storage devices like the TREZOR - Now, you can research these other technologies yourself. But the main intention of this website is to introduce to you what Bitcoin is all about and the other potential platforms that you can get into to grow your Bitcoin. If I haven't mentioned this to you before, well, I'll tell you now. Don't work for that Bitcoin in chasing that Bitcoin price to your dying days because it will frustrate and uninspire you. But rather let that Bitcoin work for you! 


Once more, for simplicity and for the sake of the conversation, we will be talking about exchanges specifically, Coinbase is the most common entry level exchange where a Bitcoin Wallet is held and can be used as the homebase where you can trade your Bitcoin with other Alt-Coins if you so-choose that particular route. Coinbase temporarily stores your Bitcoin digitally within this process. This wallet is a kind of virtual bank account that allows users to send or receive bitcoins, pay for goods or save their money. In other words, your Coinbase Wallet, which consists of invariable numbers and letters tightly construed together, is like a Checking Account and those tightly construed list of number and letters is like your checking account number. Unlike bank accounts, bitcoin wallets are not insured by the FDIC. Once more, Coinbase should be treated as an independent Digital Bank and it is not recommended to store your Bitcoin in exchanges during the long haul. But rather it is recommended when you are actively transferring cryptocurrency in and out of exchanges during ALT-COIN Trading. In order to start your first Bitcoin Wallet online through Coinbase CLICK HERE

For the visual learner, here's a video which summarizes what was previously reviewed. 

CLICK HERE to learn more.

For the well versed professional Bitcoin or Alt-Coin User, you can also select to utilize other detailed and more sophisticated platforms for storing your Bitcoin. These wonderful applications hold your private keys which is the code or digital key that holds entryway into your digital Bitcoin or Altcoin Currency. Should anything dire happen digitally which could impair access to your valuable Digital Assets, these platforms possess these actual Private Keys to allow you to gain access to the central intelligence back office of your Digital Cryptocurrency. The more serious and professionally recommended platform include the following: 


Video Presentation: CLICK HERE

Official Website: CLICK HERE

WHAT IS EXODUS?   Exodus is a highly ambitious desktop wallet designed to give you complete control and a wide-screen visual over most of your cryptocurrency assets. 

Bitcoin Anonymity and Security

Once more, every bitcoin transaction is recorded within a public log where names of buyers and sellers are never revealed – only their wallet IDs. While that keeps bitcoin users’ transactions private, it also lets them buy or sell anything without easily tracing it back to them. This is why Bitcoin has become the currency of choice for people online buying drugs or other illicit activities. But in the same sense, regular fiat currency such as the USD (US Dollar) is also used in such ways. But fiat currency, along with Bitcoin, is used for good as well. Let's be frank and real about things here, It is not the currency which does harm in actuality. Rather, it is the very person who holds that currency which determines right or wrong. Always remember that.

So How Do I Start?

STEP ONE: OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH A CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE - LIKE COINBASE There are many others to choose from but we will make it simple by just focusing on the most popular and entrylevel Crypto-Exchange... for starters. And one of the most prominent of questions asked about Bitcoin is: Well, how can I convert Bitcoin back into USD (US Dollars)? ANSWER: Once you open up a Coinbase Account, step-by-step instructions are provided for you within Coinbase which allows you to do that easily, converting your Bitcoin back into USD to transfer back into your traditional bank checking account. 


CLICK HERE to open your very first Coinbase Account. 

STEP TWO: LINK YOUR COINBASE ACCOUNT WITH YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT There you will be able to converst your USD (US Dollar Fiat Currency) into either Bitcoin, Ethereum, and or Litecoin. For the moment, do not worry about the other cryptocurrencies mentioned. We can talk about those later when we focus later upon the importance of investing and in trading into other ALT-COINS or other Alternative Cryptocurrencies.


CLICK HERE to open your very first Coinbase Account. 

STEP THREE: OPEN A BITTREX ACCOUNT AND LINK THAT ACCOUNT WITH COINBASE Bittrex is an open marketplace cryptocurrency website which allows you to invest into (not only Bitcoin) but in other trending and profitable ALT-COINS such as Ethereum, Omisego, Neo, Vertcoin, Ark, and so much more! 

CLICK HERE to open your Bittrex Account. 

STEP FOUR: OPEN A "COINIGY" ACCOUNT AND LINK THAT WITH BITTREX (OPTIONAL) Coinigy is a wonderful tool and is considered to be the industry standard for cryptocurrency charts analysis.

CLICK HERE to open up your Coinigy Account today. If you cannot see and interpret the patterns within the market, then your investments are a mere gamble. It's a crap shoot at this point. You are better off playing the Lottery. Charts Analysis is a Rich Science which goes back thousands and thousands of years.

STEP FIVE: LOAD UP YOUR BITCOIN INTO A PRELOADED DEBIT CARD ACCOUNT -LIKE PAYPAL- TO USE FOR THE PURCHASE OF GOODS AND SERVICES (OPTIONAL) From your Bittrex or Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet Address, you can transfer and LOAD your Bitcoin into Pre-Loaded Debit Cards, such as PAYZA... BITPAY... or CRYPTOPAY (just to name a few). We do this to use such cards in the same fashion as how we currently use our debit cards and credit cards to purchase goods and services. 

CLICK HERE to register your account with BITPAY

CLICK HERE to register your account with PAYZA

CLICK HERE to register your account with CRYPTOPAY










Call us today at (844) 414-REAL or email us your concerns at - LET'S HAVE A CONVERSATION. Or you can CLICK onto the Quick LINK below to Learn more about how you can proceed to the next step in making that Bitcoin work for you.


Stop chasing the Bitcoin Price! Make Bitcoin work for you. To acquire even more Bitcoin FOR YOUR HARD-EARNED BUCK... CLICK BELOW... LEARN MORE. And don't forget: Do the Work and Research the Industry for yourself. Self-Empowerment is witfully drawn from Self-Education!




“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” - Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)

The Blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention for which Bitcoin Technology has thrived securely. And once more, the blockchain is, not only secured by its users, but most importantly as well from its miners, or the creators of new cryptocurrecy (digital money per say). By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology creates the backbone of a new type of internet. Originally devised for the digital currency revolutionBitcoin and the growing Crypto-Technological Community are now finding other potential uses for this technology. Bitcoin has been called “digital gold,” and for a good reason. As of 11/03/2017, the total value or market cap for bitcoin is over $11.7 Billion US Dollars. Furthermore, blockchains can make other types of digital value. Like the internet (like your car), you don’t need to know how the blockchain works to use it. Yup, just drive it. However, having a basic knowledge of this new technology shows why it’s considered revolutionary. In the near future, Blockchain Technology will (not only be used for financial means within this Cryptocurrency space) but it will also be lucratively utilized for Digital Identification, e-Residency, Birth Certificates, many other informational usages, and most importantly the Voting Process. This (in itself with voting) will be revolutionary! This will promote Transparency, something that our Governments just plainly do not understand or uphold. 

Bitcoin Strategies



As of 11/03/2017, Bitcoin is pricing at $7228.45, according to Last year on April 6, 2016 Bitcoin was exactly worth around $421.76. The year before that on February 6, 2015 Bitcoin was only a mere $223.74. Financial Experts anticipate that Bitcoin will easily reach $8800-$10,000 by the end of this year (2017), on the road to a predicted and amazing price-point of $13,800 by the end of the 1st quarter of 2018, according to Cliff High (Inventor of the Web Bot Project). Web Bot is an internet bot computer program whose developer claims that it is able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. It was developed in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends. Bitcoin's value will continue to grow, just as long as there is decreasing supply and enthusiastic demand. And Bitcoin hasn't even reached mainstream yet. When it does, expect exponential parabolic gains. So, by holding Bitcoin as one particular strategy will serve you well for the long run. Most, who are new to Bitcoin, believe that it is simply too late to invest into Bitcoin. They often, too many times, think that the pricepoint is just too expensive. But this is indeed a very common misnomer and fallacy. It is not too late to get into Bitcoin. These times are considered early-adoption phases. Once more, there are so many lucrative platforms and strategies that we will talk about which encourage (enthusiastically enough): DO NOT WORK FOR THE BITCOIN! MAKE THAT BITCOIN WORK FOR YOU! We will talk about these strategies formidably in a few. Just have patience, OK. If I haven't mentioned this before, approach Bitcoin and this very exciting movement with a sense of calm. It is very exciting (YES) but do not let your emotions control you. Emotions will distract you. Remember that. 

This option is most certainly the safest but least proactive method, although owning at least one Bitcoin is highly recommended at the minimum. This is especially so when considering that Bitcoin will continually increase in value as we move forward to the Year 2020.   


We will mention this one more time below (just for repetition) but you can purchase Bitcoin through Coinbase. CLICK HERE and make that move. Start your Coinbase Account Today. Transaction Fees do Apply. 









The common misnomer that most people complain about Bitcoin is this: "Bitcoin is too expensive. There is no way that I can afford to pay for one Bitcoin. Hey, it's worth $7228.45. And it's continuing to rise! Yup, I've missed the boat!" But, in all honesty, it is not too late. In actuality, people who get into Bitcoin today (9 years since its inception) are still considered as early adopters of this wonderful and revolutionary technology. Once you start your Coinbase account, you will find that you can purchase smaller increments of Bitcoin, one dollar to ten dollars to one-hundred dollars at a time. But the one thing that you will also note is that whatever monies you've already invested into Bitcoin will also increase in value as well. Hey, it's way better than any checking account out there, right? This is called Riding the Bitcoin Wave. Banks used to award it's account holders with a small percentage of interest for people who place their money into savings accounts or in Certificate of Deposits back in the 1980's. Currently, we receive extremely minimal interest into savings. And, now, some account holders are even paying interest themselves to hold their money in these banks. How ridiculous is that? To me, that is more risky. Because of the Science behind Bitcoin and in past and in future trends, from Charts Analysis, Bitcoin will continue to rise. This is not mere speculation. This is now a TRUTH. The Central Banks know of this. The Billionaires know for this to be true. These are the times where there will be a true and formidable TRANSFER OF WEALTH where the Middle Class can grasp money and real currency by its horns. 


CLICK HERE to purchase smaller increments of Bitcoin (if you choose) on Coinbase. Transaction Fees do Apply. 









Now, the entry level position and one of the most common platforms to involve yourself in when it comes to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Swing Trading is by opening yourself a Bittrex Account, which is an open marketplace for trading your BTC (Bitcoin) into other Cryptocurrencies or ALT-COINS. Some of the most lucrative and profitable ALT-COINS in the Cryptocurrency Space are the following:


Bitcoin Cash











And (of course) once you get involved within this space, please educate yourself completely in HOW TO PERFORM CRYPTOCURRENCY CHARTS ANALYSIS. One of my most favorite of tools to utilize in order to read the Charts for each Alt-Coin is COINIGY.


CLICK HERE to start your FREE Bittrex Account, then CLICK HERE to open your Coinigy Account. The first 30 days are FREE (at the basic level) then thereafter monthly Coinigy fees apply, starting as low as $19.99. 

LEARN MORE about Trading within the Cryptocurrency Space utilizing BITTREX (WATCH)

If Swing Trading on Bittrex is not for you CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE about Mirror Trading with COVESTING, another option for the investor to mimic actual professional traders




TIME INTERVAL: Short & Long Term 






My perspective as far as Bitcoin is concerned is this: "Why buy the Bitcoin when you can make it, instead?" When I explain Bitcoin Mining with people, I often parallel this great opportunity with the Federal Reserve Banking System and the printing of the dollar. Say for instance (to make things simple), what if you were able to own the printer that prints dollars, specifically One-Hundred Dollar Bills. And the cost of that printer was $500 (hypothetically). But keep in mind, you also have the option of purchasing (or withdrawing $500) as well.


Now, here's the Question: "What is smarter and more lucrative, paying $500 in order to withdraw $500 from your Checking Account, or in paying that $500 from that same account in order to, instead, pay for the printer to print as many One-Hundred Dollar Bills as you can? Well (of course) you cannot do that with the USD (US Dollar) nor any other fiat currency, for that matter. This would legally be a Federal Crime, of course. But in the World of Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency Mining, this is not ILLEGAL. But honestly, when you break it down, printing Money by the Central Banks is totally different from Bitcoin being produced by Bitcoin Miners, who are people like you and me who are contributing to the integrity, security and stability of the Blockchain for which Bitcoin operates off of. When Central Banks print money outrageously through what is considered as QUANTITATIVE EASING, hyperinflation results thus decreasing the value of that fiat currency. Plus the banks, through this act, are heavily weighted upon this power. Through Bitcoin Mining, which (once more) is an opportunity given to people like you and me, POWER is given back to the people in creating a currency with TRUE STORAGE OF VALUE for the exchange of goods and services. 

The one particular platform which provides a lucrative opportunity to begin Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining through a legitimate and highly recognized company is "The Bitclub Network" based in Iceland. For privacy and extra-added security, in order to participate within their variable mining programs, the Bitclub Network requires that US Citizens use a VPN Service, such as IP Vanish. It is recommended that you register and start your VPN Service before you join the Bitclub Netwotk. Service with IP Vanish is only around $7 per month. Bitclub Network requires a one-time Lifetime Fee to be paid with Bitcoin before any purchases of any of the mining pools are made.


CLICK HERE to start your IP Vanish VPN Service


CLICK HERE to join the Bitclub Network Mining Pools.


At the minimum, Bitcoin Mining Pools cost $500, whilst Alt-Coin Mining Pools run $1000 per package. This program takes Bitcoin payments only. So, utilize your Coinbase Account to make your payment. LEARN MORE and dive into our BitClub Network Video Archives. 

Personally from my own experiences with any of these other platforms that I will be talking about, the less you contribute, the longer it takes to see faster results. To be real with you, outstanding growth can be achieved with Bitcoin Mining through the Bitclub Network when you invest into the Founder's Package which costs $3500. Plus you can utilize the Power of Compounding as well by RE-INVESTING a higher percentage back into RE-PURCHASES. A great recommendation would be for you to set your percentage for REPURCHASES at 100%, then to forget about it until the Year 2020. By then, the price of Bitcoin will astronomical and you will be mining Bitcoin at its most valuable at greater speeds of profitabilty through repurchases. If this is for you, by all means, have at it! If not, press on forward to other opportunities that we will be talking about. As always, do your research on each of these products. The main intention of this website is to provide for you the education of what is out there and in what you can do about it. Just FYI, if you do indeed invest into the cheaper and entry-level $500 Bitcoin Mining Pool, make sure that you similarly adjust your settings to "100% Repurchase". Along with the extreme increases of Bitcoin Price, what you make daily will go back to repurchasing more into higher pools. So, by letting it sit there through repurchases, you will (not only extend the life of your contract) but you will also position yourself closer to that Founder's Package of $3500. Once more, the more that is invested, the more profits you receive in the interim and in the long run. This PRINCIPLE also holds true for the next platforms that we will speaking about in the next sections to come.

You can also mine Alt-Coins through the Bitclub Network with Ethereum, Monero, and ZCash but this can take much longer to achieve or accumulate Bitcoin in the shorter interim of things. In the long run, it can be quite formidable and lucrative, but you won't achieve greater gains in the short term.  Once more when it comes down to the Bitclub Network, my recommendation is this: INVEST IMMEDIATELY INTO THE FOUNDER'S PACKAGE. Greater gains are achieved with this option. The Bitclub Network is a Low-Risk option which has proved to be extremely profitable through the long haul. It is a Long-Term Investment Strategy. 


MINIMUM INVESTMENT: $500 + $99 Lifetime Membership Fee

PREFERABLE INVESTMENT: $3500 Founders Package







This platform is essentially the FAUCET. The definition of a FAUCET is any passive income-generating platform which (once turned on) will continue to provide Bitcoin-Building cash flow into any other passive income-building program (like USI Tech, BitClub Network, Bittrex Alt-Coin Trading, and/or Blockchain Stock Investments). And this particular opportunity or FAUCET that I speak of is BitConnect. BitConnect is a Blockchain, in and of itself, which possesses its own Cryptocurrency. It helps its users to create more Bitcoin by lending out its cryptocurrency tokens to a Bitcoin Trading Web Bot (An Algorithmic Artificial Intelligence Software) that trades Bitcoin. This BitConnect Crypto is listed as one of the Top 20 Cryptos according to The more the volatility, the better the payout. Essentially, this trading bot rides the wave of the Bitcoin Price-Point through the fluctuations of Market Swings where bitcoin is automatically sold on "The Highs" and bought on "The Lows". Once more, this is repeatedly done by its program's Artificial Intelligence Software several thousands of times daily. 

CLICK HERE to join BitConnect Today! Within this platform, Bitcoin is converted into their own cryptocurrency, their BitConnect Coin, which feeds the software and allows for it to purchase and sell Bitcoin during its highly frequented dips and inclines within the market. The minimum investment is $100. Within this program, the Power of Compounding Interest through Re-investment Strategies are implemented. Staking and Mining are also other strategies that have proven to be lucrative within this platform. To me, personally, I believe that USI Tech has mimicked the Blueprint Strategy of BitConnect. So, really, the NEWEST developments incurred by USI Tech are old news for BitConnect. Once more, BitConnect's Cryptocurrency is listed on as Number #16 out of the hundreds of Cryptocurrencies within the Market today. This is telling you something. As far as sustainability, BitConnect will continue to thrive just as long as Bitcoin thrives. And we all know that Bitcoin is here to stay. The daily payout for BitConnect is One Percent on the average. And this is Low-Balling the figures that have been calculated on my side of things. When I started out with BitConnect, I invested $5000 and it has generated considerable profit for me and my teammates whom have mimicked the same investment strategy. This is only a reflection of my own story. This is not a recommendation.  

I cannot emphasize this enough, but BitConnect parallels the same behaviors within the charts as Bitcoin. It is like its Mirror. There are some Alt-Coins which go opposite in direction (inversely) when Bitcoin increases in price. And there are those which peak as well when Bitcoin spikes. Such is the case with BitConnect. A strategy that I use which has increased the value of my overall portfolio is this: REINVEST DAILY... HALF of your 1% profits to your Daily Re-investments and HALF into staking the BitConnect into BitConnect Mining where you create more BitConnect Cryptocurrency Coins. Once more, as Bitcoin rises in price, BitConnect will also rise in price as well. The more you RE-INVEST... THE MORE YOU RECEIVE BACK IN RETURN DAILY! It is not recommended to place your initial investment at $100. It is more profitable ​and lucrative to invest $1010 or $5000. Some have invested dearly over $10,000.

Within my situation, I have chosen to invest big with a $5000 Loan. Of course, many others may not possess that initial capital investment off the rip, so $1010 or $2000 will do, but it is not recommended to invest any lower than that. If you invest any lower, the rate of profitable interest is decreased and proceeds on forth at a much slower pace. Just FYI, your investments will be returned to you depending on how much is lent out.  For a $5000 investment (as is the case for me) my initial investment, or Seed Money, will be released back on Day #239. No other Bitcoin Platform does this, straight off the bat. The Bitclub Network does not do this and neither does USI Tech. Check out the following scenarios and compare initial investment projections of $1010 with my chosen higher investment strategy of $5000. I also included, as an update, the projections for a $2000 initial investment if you should so desire to go between. Make the comparison and examine the three scenarios thoroughly before making a financial decision. Of course, please consult with your financial advisory team for further guidance. Do not invest more than what you can chew. HERE IS OUR DISCLAIMER

A $1010 Initial Investment: (For Those with a Lighter Pocket) 

To view a Sample 239 Day Projection of Daily Average 1% Earnings that you (too) will earn if you choose instead to start off with a $1010 initial investment CLICK HERE - Once more, it is not recommened to invest any lower than $1000. 

A $2000 initial Investment: 

To view a Sample 239 Day Projection of Daily Average 1% Earnings that you (too) will earn if you choose instead to start off with a $2000 initial investment CLICK HERE 

A $4000 Initial Investment:

To view a Sample 239 Day Projection of Daily Average 1% Earnings that you (too) will earn if you mirror the same exact investment strategy with a $4000 initial investment CLICK HERE

A $5000 Initial Investment: (The Modified Recommended Version)

To view a Modified Version of a Sample 420 Day Projection of Daily Average 1% Earnings which will include a strategy to begin pocketing actual profit with reinvestments within the 1st three months CLICK HERE - Remember, this is a modified and a more recommended strategy. This is the strategy  that I am proactively following (as we speak).

Furthermore, this $5000 Investment Projection includes what the profit earnings will be with strategically appropriated times when the percentage from daily profits are excluded from what is reinvested. This excluded percentage amount is what you literally pocket as revenue. Once more, the other percentage is reinvested to continue the sustainability of your earnings in investment. Again, when you exercise this strategy, you are essentially practicing the Power of Compounding Interest. This is the program of choice for which I have selected to be the proverbial FAUCET or flow (when once turned on). This will fill and nourish all the other cups of potential: ALT-COIN investments through Bittrex + BitClub Network Bitcoin and GPU Mining + USI Tech + Blockchain Investments into the Traditional Stock Market with stocks such as HIVE, GROW, LBY and BLOC. We will talk about these stocks in particular within the next section.

Once more, if this does not resonate with you, well move on. Some programs mentioned will not cater to everyone. Regardless, always do your research. You have to do the work. In order to play, you have to pay! Just be conscious and made fully aware that BitConnect, in comparison to the BitClub Network and USI Tech, is significantly High Risk but also possesses higher gains within a shorter period of time. 

LATEST NEWS: BitConnect has now been included into the HitBTC Cryptocurrency Exchange. And BitConnect has joined forces with Uquid where we will be enjoying the lucrative benefits that BitConnect's first SmartCard, called BCCPay, has to offer. BCCPay is a debit card which can be freely loaded up with Bitcoin and BitConnect Cryptocurrency to be used for the purchase of Goods & Services.


LEARN MORE more about BCCPay - BitConnect's Smart Card Payment Solution: CLICK HERE

LEARN MORE and dive into our BitConnect VIDEO ARCHIVES.  

READ MORE about the strong relationship between BitConnect and Satoshi Nakamoto. Could it be that the Creator of Bitcoin is also the Creator of BitConnect: CLICK HERE


WATCH A VIDEO which explains the importance of Anonymity within the Cryptocurrency Space as it coincidentally relates to BitConnect. CLICK HERE

Other Bitcoin Lending Platforms (with the Exception of USI Tech) are also structured in functionality similar to BitConnect and operate at a higher state of sustainability. These platforms can also be utilized solely as one entity or working in tandem with one another to fit the role of a Faucet. These include Hextra Coin, Idea Coin, Unix Coin, and so on. Click the following links to join each platform for FREE to test them out:






To LEARN more about these highly lucrative lending platforms CLICK HERE

JOIN BITCONNECT TODAY: This program takes Bitcoin payments only. So, utilize your Coinbase Account to make your payment. ​CLICK HERE




TIME INTERVAL: Short & Long Term


SUSTAINABILITY: Variable Reports




There is one company, the very first of its kind which has combined Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining Technology with the Power of the Blockchain. This particular stock is anticipated to significantly rise in value as more and more people begin to see the value, not only in Bitcoin, but also in Blockchain Technology (along with Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining). THIS IS HUGE!!!  

The one company which exemplies a wonderful opportunity to invest into the Blockchain is HIVE Blockchain Technologies. It is listed under the ticker symbol of OTC: PRELF.


CLICK HERE to get the updated Price of HIVE (OTC: PRELF). LEARN MORE about HIVE


When I got into this stock, It was only 70 Cents. It has quadrupled (and then some) ever since and is expected to go parabolic in 2018 as more and more people realize the value of Blockchain technology. Others are GROW, LBY and BLOC.


CLICK HERE to learn more about these profitable Stocks.


CLICK HERE to learn more about other Block Chain Stocks within the Market 


CLICK HERE to open up a Charles Schwab Investment Account to join the Revolution in Blockchain Technology.  





RISK LEVEL: Variable


“Well, I think it is working. There may be other currencies like it that may be even better. But in the meantime, there’s a big industry around Bitcoin. — People have made fortunes off Bitcoin, some have lost money. It is volatile, but people make money off of volatility too.” - Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Galactic











Buy Bitcoin














































RETAIL: $8.03

Bitcoin became a buzzword overnight. A cyber-enigma with an enthusiastic following, it pops up in headlines and fuels endless media debate. You can apparently use it to buy anything from coffee to cars, yet few people seem to truly understand what it is. This raises the question: Why should anyone care about bitcoin?

In The Age of Cryptocurrency, Wall Street journalists Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey deliver the definitive answer to this question. Cybermoney is poised to launch a revolution, one that could reinvent traditional financial and social structures while bringing the world's billions of "unbanked" individuals into a new global economy.


Cryptocurrency holds the promise of a financial system without a middleman, one owned by the people who use it and one safeguarded from the devastation of a 2008-type crash.

digital currency

But bitcoin, the most famous of the cybermonies, carries a reputation for instability, wild fluctuation, and illicit business; some fear it has the power to eliminate jobs and to upend the concept of a nation-state.

 It implies, above all, monumental and wide-reaching change―for better and for worse. But it is here to stay, and you ignore it at your peril.



What Books Can Help?


RETAIL: $9.99

Millions of people are using various forms of cryptocurrency these days, and this digital currency market is growing every day. Do you wonder why people are so excited about cryptocurrencies? Are you interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies? If you want to learn and invest in cryptocurrency, but don’t know where to start; then, this cryptocurrency guide is for you. This book is a simple, but extensive guide to the new form of money – cryptocurrency. For a beginner, starting cryptocurrency can be difficult because of all the diverse options and misinformation out there. Often, people wonder what cryptocurrency is, and how might it benefit our lives? In this book, everything about cryptocurrency is discussed in a simple and easy manner so that beginner like you can learn about digital currency without any trouble.

The guide will help you know what exactly cryptocurrencies are, how they affect the decisions that you make and many aspects of your future life. Whether you just want to learn more about cryptocurrency or using it already and want to get the most out of it, this book is for you. Don’t wait any longer, invest in this book and learn all you need to know about cryptocurrency.







This Bitcoin Strategy is based upon a Faucet and Cup type of Blueprint where there are essentially "5" cups of focus to fill with one of those platforms (out of the six to choose from) acting as the FAUCET. The following platforms characterize those 6 cups in particular which will prove to be extremely lucrative in the long run, once positive and abundant financial flow becomes siphoned directly into these highly profitable income streams of passive wealth generation. Now, depending on how much you invest and in whichever platform you begin to invest first, anyone of these platforms (whith the exception of HIVE) can be utilized as the FAUCET to fill all the other cups to financial prosperity from mere passive financial flow:  


-BitConnect, the BitConnect Marketplace, & the BitConnect Cryptocurrency (The Faucet)

-Bittrex & Alt-Coin Trading

-Bitclub Network: Bitcoin & Alt-Coin Mining

-HIVE Blockchain Technologies (OTC: PRELF) 

Once more, other advancements within each platform will continue to progressively come forth as each company evolves in their own right, but this blueprint is merely a start for you to work on whilst you continue to mold your own way of doing things with other Cryptocurrency strategies. And (by no means) are you restricted to just these particular platforms as tools. Continue to add and subtract from your overall strategic gameplan as you (yourself) become more seasoned and aware of this growing and evolving Cryptocurrency Market. 


Learn the Cryptocurrency Market and Trade Alt-Coins with Bitcoin:


Many skeptics often criticize the Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market because of its volatility. But honestly, the Bitcoin space thrives heavily in profits through this higher sense of volatility. In order to profit in this market there must be movement. Simple investment philosophy incorporates the common lucrative strategy in selling at the high's and in purchasing certain cryptocurrencies during its dips, based upon the market's pricepoint fluctuations. Many successful Alt-Coins to consider are Ethereum (of course), Omisego, Neo, Lite Coin, Substratum, Vertcoin, Ark, and Bitconnect. But don't take my word for it. Do your own diligence and do the work: RESEARCH THE MARKET & READ THE CHARTS. The Entry-Level website tools you can use for Alt-Coin Trading is Bittrex and Coinigy. Bittrex is FREE but Coinigy has variable payment plans. CLICK HERE to learn more about how to utilize CHARTS ANALYSIS to read the Crypto-Market Space. 

The BitConnect Exchange & the Rise of the BitConnect Crypto-Space:

BITCONNECT and USI Tech tie in comparison, but BitConnect (in my book) takes FIRST PLACE out of all of these platforms. BitConnect is specifically a Blockchain, in and of itself, which possesses its own Cryptocurrency which helps its users to create more Bitcoin by lending out its cryptocurrency tokens to a Bitcoin Trading Web Bot (Algorithmic Artificial Intelligence) that trades Bitcoin. The more the volatility, the better the payout. Essentially, this trading bot rides the wave of the Bitcoin Pricepoint through the fluctuations of Market Swings where bitcoin is automatically sold on "The Highs" and bought on "The Lows". This is repeatedly done by its program's Artificial Intelligence Software. As of 11/03/2017, BitConnect is Number #7 (from the list of Top Leading Alt-Coins within the Crypto-Marketplace) pricing at $271.56 per coin. It recently took over NEO. Its market cap is also an inspiring $1.8 Billion Dollars. And from the most recent news, BitConnect will making an alliance with Uquid a NEW ICO where they will be collaborating together to create the very first spendable Debit Card for BitConnect called BCCPay CHECK IT OUT: CLICK HERE - Additionally, the BitConnect Cryptocurrency will be listed on HITBTC, one of the industry's leading Crypto-exchanges. In my book, BitConnect can be utilized as the proverbial faucet which will fill all of these other cups (Bitclub, USI Tech, Alt-Coin Trading and HIVE) to the rim. CLICK HERE to view inspiring and helpful video TUTORIALS concerning the revolutionary world of BitConnect Today!

Bitclub Network & Bitcoin Mining:

Bitclub is a community of entrepreneurs from all over the world who have merged to make money and leverage digital currencies, including bitcoins. Together the network uses it purchasing strength, leverage and programming abilities to offer its member a legit opportunity to making money by sharing profits and investing in the companies mining operation. Bitclub has developed a unique software that allows them to mine for multiple digital currencies and convert them into bit coin currency everyday. New currencies are being mined everyday all day, 24/7, depending on which is the most profitable to mined at the time. All profits from the mining operations are shared and pay out daily to bitclub members. Previously, we talked about Ethereum Mining also derived from the Bitclub Network. In the same fashion, Bitclub Network also provides its members, the capacity to mine Bitcoin. The difficulty level in algortihmic mining is higher with Bitcoin in comparison to Ethereum, but through time is still very lucrative and powerful, especially when the power of compunding interest can be utilized the same as BitConnect and USI Tech. Don't get me wrong, although I am extremely bullish favoring BitConnect & USI Tech as my Number #1's, the Bitclub Network is a great platform at the $3500 Founder's Package Level. I do plan on filling (even more) the BITCLUB NETWORK CUP with profits deriving indeed from the 1% Daily Profits collected from the BitConnect Platform. It's simply a Win-Win situation when you break it down completely. CLICK HERE or the following image below to view TUTORIAL Videos in how you (too) can be a part of the Bitcoin Mining Revolution!

HIVE Blockchain Technologies:

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. operates as a cryptocurrency mining firm. The Company validates transactions on block chain networks, as well as provides crypto mining and builds bridges between crypto and traditional capital markets. HIVE Blockchain Technologies serves customers worldwide. Blockchain Technology is the NEW wave of the future. It will revolutionize society inmany way, such as in privacy, data collection, imformation validation, product tracking and even with the voting process. Shares of HIVE can now be purchased through your own commercial investment firms, such as Charles Schwab and Merrill Edge (OTC: PRELF). CLICK HERE or the HIVE image below to learn more about this particular stock.




Make That Bitcoin Work 4 YOU! 


ON A FINAL NOTE: As you begin to explore further into the World of Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolution in Blockchain Technology, you will begin to discover that there are other lucrative platforms which will prove to being potential options for you to consider in addition to the previous opportunities discussed within this website. And because of this, you will formulate your own programs which will additionally help others who are unaware to become a part of this Cryptocurrency Space. Just remember, the point of all of this information is to inspire others to create Financial OPPORTUNITIES to FREEDOM.


Omise and OMISEGO

What Cryptocurrency 

Enables Real-Time Peer-to-Peer Value Exchanges and Payment Services?


OMG: Bank On It!

Omisego Supports Ethereum and Everything it Stands For

Omise has been a big supporter of Ethereum and its technologies, contributing funding to the foundation’s DEVGRANTS initiative in 2015, as well as funding the development of Raiden.

Omisego Possesses an All-Star Line-Up of Hard-Core Contributors

Team consists of Omise core team and well-known blockchain developers. The advisors are the strongest part of OmiseGo project because they almost all are from Ethereum foundation. OmisGo's advisory board consists of the most famous blockchain and Ethereum developers. Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, lightning network creator Joseph Poon. Stars.

Just Remember: It's all About Your Financial Community!

OmiseGo will create a platform for managing fiat/cryptocurrency/other assets with its powerful wallet Software Development Kit. OmiseGo builds a liquid on-chain decentralized exchange and off-chain payment network to make its ecosystem work. OMG tokens will be native currency of the OmiseGo blockchain. OmiseGo is going to be a new blockchain. With OmiseGo the users will be able to manage: fiat tokens, cryptocurrencies, other assets (such as loyalty and reward points). Software Development Kit will be provided to ensure full interaction with OmiseGo network. The OmiseGo blockchain will be closely integrated into Ethereum mainnet. You can get to know more from reading technical whitepaper. The OmiseGo will solve a lot of problems, including settlement time, fees, transparency, security, finality.

OmiseGo wants to be the place where you do not need a bank account to cash in or cash out.

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"It is most certainly not official yet, but by next year on JULY 4TH 2018, you could be looking at one of the most successful early adopters of Bitcoin within this Cryptocurrency space. This very date could possibly be my own personal Finacial Independence Day. Today, I plant the seeds and by this highly-anticipated timeframe, I will most definitely reap the harvest of what was sewn today by witnessing for ourselves the amazing parabaloic growth of Bitcoin. And because of this, I AM grateful! I could retire by next year if so desired, but I would rather take the remaining years of dividends acquired from my prosperous nursing career (until the Year 2020) to invest heavily into REAL REVOLUTION RADIO 2.0 and into the thriving cryptocurrency business that I have created with BIG DADDY BITCOIN: AN EDUCATIONAL GUIDE TO BITCOIN. My mission in life at the current moment is, not only to help people awaken from the disinformation that is fed to us by 'The Establishment' by utilizing Alternate Media as an effective platform, but it also stems from the desire to helping as many people as I can in becoming more abundantly aware and self-reliant FINANCIALLY! Helping people to realize what they (too) can do to reach FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE is truly important to me.


QUESTION: Why is the Year 2020 so very important? ANSWER: In the World of Cryptocurrency, this is the year when Bitcoin (per block within the blockchain) decreases supply production by another half. When this occurs, the price of Bitcoin will parabolically spike up even higher in storage of value and in price-point because of decreasing supply. And this is most certainly the carefully thought-out blueprint of Bitcoin. This is the algorithm. This was originally orchestrated by the anonymous and amazing pseudonym of technical developers who created Bitcoin. The platfoms that I work off of mentioned within this website have helped me to get to this wonderful point within my life. And (once more) I AM grateful and I AM filled with Heavenly Blessing, Physical & Financial Health & Spiritual Abundance! Kudos to the Bitcoin Gurus out there and most importantly... HERE'S TO THE CRAZY ONES... THE MISFITS... THE REBELS... THE EARLY-ADOPTERS OF BITCOIN! Cheers to YOU!"

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CLICK HERE to listen to another intuitive conversation on the Quantum Mindfulness Radio Talk Show as Joel Ayala Ayapana interviews very Special Guest Korey Rowe as they will be enthusiastically talking about Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolution. Korey Rowe, also a U.S. Veteran, is a well-renown film-maker and the producer of the controversial documentary LOOSE CHANGE 911: AN AMERICAN COUPE

HOT TOPICS & the Bitcoin Revolution: The Animated Podcast



"By doing good, you are actually helping to push the price up (of Bitcoin) to the right direction."

-Mike Novogratz-

Hedge Fund Legend, formerly of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. He was ranked a billionaire by Forbes in 2007 and 2008.